An electronic shelf label (ESL) system is a computerized system for retail stores that are designed to manage pricing, availability, and other related information for paperless labels. The system consists of an electronic label, a communications network, and a central software system. The label is the physical display that is affixed to the shelf and contains information such as pricing and availability.

The communications network is what links the label to the central system, and can use either a wireless or wired network. The central system is the software that is used to manage and update the data associated with the labels. Through this system, store personnel can quickly make changes to the labels, such as updating prices or stock levels, and receive feedback from the labels.

Electronic Shelf Label systems and solutions offer a wide range of applications that can help you maximize profits, reduce costs and streamline processes. With electronic shelf label systems, you can easily and quickly manage shelf-level pricing and eliminate manual pricing errors. Our systems provide real-time updates and accuracy, making it easy to keep track of pricing and inventory.

For retailers, our systems allow for a more efficient shopping experience, with accurate pricing and inventory levels. This helps to reduce shopper frustration and increase customer loyalty.

Our systems also provide an effective solution for managing promotions and sales. With real-time updates, you can quickly adjust prices and inform customers of promotional discounts.


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