Evolis Avansia Retransfer Card Printer


A retransfer printer specifically crafted for heavy-duty card issuance activities. With flawless printing capabilities, Avansia utilizes retransfer technology (Reverse Transfer) to optimize print quality and deliver exceptional results.

A high resolution of 600 dpi, Avansia ensures that images and text are rendered perfectly, while micro-text and watermarks are printed with high-definition clarity. Additionally, the printer offers over-the-edge printing, guaranteeing flawless edge-to-edge coverage on each card, thanks to its comprehensive film application.



Experience the full range of benefits provided by retransfer print technology.

  • Top-notch design: Utilise retransfer technology, achieving a print resolution of 600 dpi, and take advantage of the integrated leveler.
  • Unmatched printing performance: Achieve up to 144 cards per hour for colour printing on a single side. Benefit from the 250 card feeder and hopper capacity.
  • Exceptionally secure cards: Explore various encoding options, incorporate micro-texts, guilloches, and UV elements into your prints.


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