TSCT4000 Series 4-Inch Enterprise Industrial RFID Printers



Small, Fast, and Ready to Boost Productivity.

Our T4000 Enterprise RFID Printers feature our same compact and affordable design as our Printronix Auto ID enterprise industrial printers with the ability to print 5,000 labels a day at speeds of up to 10-inches per second. This series also includes RFID capability, Printronix System Architecture (PSA), with multiple connectivity options, remote printer management tools, and automated alerts to keep your enterprise operating at optimum efficiency and productivity.

The T4000 is an industrial printer with the ability to print and encode on standard RIFD labels and on-metals tags.

RFID upgrade kits are available for the T4000 standard model to provide customers a cost-effective solution to integrate RFID technology into their operation without the upfront investment.


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